ROPES by Christian Haas

Edition of lamps by Christian Haas
Prices start at 990,00 Euro

A soft look and textile touch, energy-efficient technology, are combined to create an innovative light source and distinctive design object. Unlit, the lamps provide a graphic statement to their environment. Lit, they diffuse a gentle ambient light. Each of the Ropes varies in size and technique. None of them is a reproduction of the other. Each is unique and numbered. The Ropes are hand-made. The combination of textile cord with internal light source is an invention that is patent-registered. The light source inside the textile cord consitst of warm-light LEDs with a guaranteed durabilitity of 30.000 hours.

ROPES no.158
Price: 1.450,- Euro

ROPES no.161
Price: 990,- Euro

ROPES no.162
Price: 990,- Euro